How to (Not) Sell Facemask from China

How to (Not) Sell Facemask from China

As we said previously on the site and in another blog the idea for us making cool shirts actually came from COVID-19, Coronavirus, or as Mr Trump regularly puts it “China Virus”.

Initially and whilst we were in China (before becoming refugees in Cambodia) the idea was to make cool Facemarks that we could sell to the masses. We did a few standard ones like the Pyongyang Metro, Space Agency, and of course YPT!

We also some other ones like the good old DDR logo, a STASI one that I personally really liked and even some classic ones with Trump quotes on them.

The plan had then been to produce them and send them out with t-shirts, after all they were cheap to make and although people did not realize it at the time facemarks were about to become a regular part of our culture! Even if Brits and Yanks get so but-hurt they feel like protesting about it.

To read about Americans protesting wearing masks click here.

The funny thing though that was despite the virus originating in China and China literally making almost every thing that the world needs to use they decided that they would refuse to export facemarks!

Apparently the reasoning behind this was that China were scared that if people bought knock off, AKA non N-95 masks then even more people would have the shits with them.

We tried for a long time and have since found a way to do bulk mask orders from Cambodia, but alas not with our wonderful t-shirts.

If you are interested in buying bulk order face masks then feel free to check out our main mask shop.

If that is not or fancy then please feel free to browse and buy t-shirts from us…..