Stop the Press! – New Designs

Stop the Press! – New Designs

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The CCCP Store design team have been working very hard behind the scenes to bring you guys the next generation (well this months) new -t-shirt designs and have come up with 3 that we believe are pretty damned good.

The Air Koryo t-shirt

If you have traveled to NK that there is a decent chance you have been on the worlds only 1 star airline, and maybe even had the mystery burger!!!

We don’t care what anyone says, we love them and out t-shirt has their newest logo on it.

To read more about the mystery burger click here.

The STASSI Shirt

We love all things DDR, GDR and East Germany and the thus we introduce out t-shirt honoring the secret place of the “better Germany”. This one was previously very popular and has a lot of kitsch value to it.

To read about tours to the former East Germany click here.

Street Food Guy t-shirt

The street food guy, AKA Gareth Johnson has for some reason proved a popular edition to our -t-shirt range. Not exactly communist, but hey he is a bit of a red.

You can check out the Street Food Guy Blog here.

Other t-shirt designs!

Obviously we do not want to give too much away, but we are working on another Pyongyang Metro style t-shirt that we are very confident people will like and hope to be releasing that soon.

But I’ve seen a design on your social media that isn’t on the site?????

We want to slowly release designs, but if you see something on our FB, or IG that hasn’t been put on the site, simply ask us and we will add it to the site.

We are all about the customer service!

Keep in mind that whilst we can do requests, we need to keep things respectful and cannot do any that would feature the leaders, nor anything too offensive like the Khmer Rouge.

Hope you enjoy!