Welcome to the CCCP Store

Welcome to the CCCP Store

Welcome to our brand new site the CCCP Store, home of our own branded and designed range of (in our minds anyway) communist kitsch t-shirts. Later hope to add a whole range of other cool products, but for now you’ll have to make do with the t-shirts!

So who did we get here? Well this idea has been almost 9 months in the making, spurred on unsurprisingly by that whole Covid-19 nonsense! In fact in our old lives we were travelers and adventures exploring the globe, but now? Well we are stuck in Cambodia, not content to merely write (great) content we decided we’d share some of the great designs we have found over the years!

We have initially started with three designs, namely;

Pyongyang Metro – The Pyongyang Metro is the iconic subway system used in the capital of the DPRK, and well they have one kick ass logo!

NADA – You heard of NASA right? Well in the DPRK they got NADA. This design will definitely turn a few heads.

Visit DPRK – One things many people complain about is a lack of t-shirts when visiting the DPRK, well now we got you covered, and not just covered, but we even got the iconic Ryugyong Hotel on there.

Despite being in Cambodia we opined that a Khmer Rouge design might be a bit too jazzy, so have kept everything tasteful. Kinda.

Aside from this we have a lot of other designs we are working on and aim to release at least one more every month. We realise that communism isn’t everyone’s bag, but we like the imagery, but won’t be going as far as making Khmer Rouge shirts for example!

And this thankfully helps move us to our subscription service, you pay a reduced monthly fee and we send you one t-shirt every month! Like Christmas once a month!

As things go on we truly hope to be adding not just more t-shirts, but other cool stuff we’ve managed to pick up from our travels.

This is the site for the hipster revolutionary, we are the CCCP Store….